UP FRONT Pricing System

What are your main concerns as a customer when your equipment needs repair?

How long is it going to take, and therefore, how much is it going to cost?

At A-TEAM SERVICES we use an UP FRONT PRICING SYSTEM to take the guess work out of your service.

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The Benefits of up front pricing:

  • Problem is diagnosed for one flat fee – time is not an issue.
  • The total cost for repairs is explained to the homeowner by our technician before any work begins – all costs for repairs are clearly stated on our invoices.
  • The amount of time necessary to complete your service is no longer a concern – regardless of the amount of time needed, you pay the same.
  • No Hidden Costs.
  • No suprises like you find with other companies.
  • The repair is based upon the total cost of the job itself, including labor, materials, taxes, etc. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, or what problems may occur in doing the job, the price stays the same. If additional repairs are required, we will again show you on our invoice exactly how much the cost will be to do the job.

We also offer discounts and specials to save you even more money! Ask about our Service Club Memberships!

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